Private label

Koninklijke ERU provides a series of unique private and fancy label quality cheese products to various retail partners around the world.

Glass jars

Glass is a convenient and environmentally-friendly way to package cheese spread. The user-friendly jars are recyclable.



Koninklijke ERU uses a range of cups for its cheese spreads, from 100g to 200g. Blending different types of cheese creates a wide variety of flavours.

125g 200g


Cheese slices are a popular square-shaped processed cheese product. They are available in a wide range of flavours. They are great for snacking and on burgers and pizza, too.

125g 140g 150g 200g 900g


ERU block cheese is all-natural flavour in solid form. Available in blocks up to 1kg, this product is the ideal basis for a range of uses. Block cheese is also sold in 100g consumer packaging.



Triangles are a well-known, widely available processed cheese product. Triangles are available in many different flavours, such as ham, as well as chocolate. With so many kinds to choose from, triangles make the perfect addition to breakfast, lunch and snack time.

140g 200g


The "sausage" is a popular processed cheese product and comes in a variety of flavours. It is delicious on bread but is also great for cooking.

100g 200g


ERU offers a variety of processed cheese products in a wide range of tins. This type of packaging offers several advantages: it is highly resistant to damage, it keeps well without refrigeration, and it has a long shelf life. Tinned cheese is not only widely used by military troops but it is also popular in Arabic and African countries where conventionally packaged cheese products are difficult to use on account of various circumstances and weather conditions.


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