About ERU

Located in the green heart of the Netherlands, Koninklijke ERU is an independently owned Dutch cheese company with a passion for cheese since 1824.


It all started with a man who loved cheese: Egbert Ruijs. He founded the business in Woerden in 1824. The name ERU comes from his initials: Egbert Ruijs. At first, the company sold a variety of solid cheeses. By the 1920s, methods for melting cheese were being explored. Successful experiments led to the opening of the first factory in 1938 and large-scale production of melting cheese began. Later, melting cheese proved to be so popular that ERU decided to focus exclusively on cheese spread.

The Fifties: Goudkuipje

Goudkuipje cheese spread was introduced in 1959 and quickly became ERU’s biggest success. The now iconic cup was unique at the time. The product proved to be a huge hit. Some 50,000 cups of Goudkuipjes cheese spread were produced during the first year.

Goudkuipje was a worthy successor to Hompie cheese spread, the 50g foil-wrapped triangles sold in a round box. ERU patented the Goudkuipje container, which was originally made of sturdy aluminium foil.

In the early days, there was only one filling machine in the factory. After the cups were filled, a couple of ladies folded the cups shut by hand. Today, tens of millions of Goudkuipje cups are produced in Woerden each year, along with many other ERU products.

Royal distinction

As part of the company’s 175th anniversary in 1999, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands bestowed the “Koninklijk” or “Royal” distinction on ERU. It was a very special reward for decades of craftsmanship. The royal crown has been a part of the ERU logo ever since. In 2007 Koninklijke ERU proudly introduced a new, contemporary logo with the royal crown that fits beautifully with ERU’s core values.

The Nineties

In response to emerging trends and demands, new varieties of Goudkuipje were introduced. The mustard and sambal varieties offered consumers more choice.

In 1993, the success of Goudkuipje prompted the introduction of a “light” version, which was aptly named Zilverkuipje or “silver cup.” Zilverkuipje was later renamed Slimkuipje. Today, it is called ERU Balance. Made from low-fat yoghurt, this light cheese spread comes in four flavours (natural, ham, olive tomato, and herb) and contains only 5% fat.

ERU today

Koninklijke ERU has been producing the finest quality cheese products since 1824 and has established a reputation as a leading Dutch brand. ERU’s guiding principle is to use our line of products to respond to consumer demand for convenient, healthy and delicious.

Accordingly, ERU offers a wide variety of cheese products that meet a range of tastes and needs.