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New ERU specialty cheeses

April 2010

Now it is easy to enjoy cheeses from around the world every day. Introducing ERU’s new specialty cheeses: each of these creamy cheese spreads has its own recognizable characteristic flavour and make every day special.

For everyone who wants something different, ERU offers three delicious specialty cheese spreads: ERU Crème de Brie, ERU Chèvre Doux and ERU Crème au Bleu.

ERU’s specialty cheeses offer the chance to add a little variety any time of day: not only are they delicious on bread or crackers during breakfast or lunch, they are also utterly delightful on a baguette or on toast to go with drinks. Plus, they can turn an everyday meal into something special; for example, pasta with salmon and sun dried tomatoes in a velvety ERU Crème de Brie sauce. They make a tantalizing salad dressing, too.

ERU specialty cheeses are always a real treat, throughout the day.

Now available at your local supermarket.